Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Amabala Emoh Teews

That's Sweet Home Alabama backwards

It's one of my favorite movies, and recently in a lot of ways I've realized that my life is somewhat similar to the story of Melony Smooter... only backwards... and without the whole marriage/divorce drama. I can honestly say that I don't have that much boy drama in my life.

You see Melanie "Carmichael" Smooter has a past. A past that she tries to run from and does everything to hide. She grew up in Pigeon Creek, Alabama and after things go south (no pun intended) she runs to New York City to start a new life, with a new name, trying to forget what she left. Which was her husband of course. Jake Perry, played by Josh Lucas (who randomly enough was born in Little Rock, AR yet graduated high school in Gig Harbor, WA... and isn't bad to look at either) is a deep south man who is trying to make something of him self somewhere in Alabama while still holding onto a dream he's had since he was ten years old. Mel. She comes back from NY to settle their divorce and long story short well... stays with her roots, doesn't marry the Yankee and Felony Melanie and Mr. Perry stay in Sweet Home Alabama. I don't really feel bad about ruining the ending since the movie is now 10 years old.

But the part that I have always related to Melanie more about would be when she is back in her home town and part remembering why she left and a lot of her character is just trying to find out who she is. I love that she came home back down south and the love story between Melanie and Jake is classic and heart breaking every time but one of my favorites to watch over and over. The reason I call my life backwards from hers well for one, I went backwards. I moved South, and sometimes come home and while I don't re-fall in love with my husband, I do relate how she feels a lot of time. Sometimes I wonder if I am running away from something. I remember on the drive down here thinking, "no body knows me here. I could be a completely different person and no one would know. I could start over. Change my identity and never look back." That's what Melanie did. That is what I have thought about doing before and there are somedays where I just wish I grew up down here. Then I go home and wish I never left.
There is a scene with Jake and Melanie sitting in the "Coon Dog Grave yard" after a night with their friends two stepping when they are talking and Melanie says "I'm happy in New York Jake, but then I come down here and this fits too" then Jake says "who says you can't have both." That's how I feel half the time. Why can't I have both?
What am I looking for?
Why do I want to keep exploring? Keep going places? Where am I even going?
Why am I so restless? What is it that I'm looking for?
You know I use Young Life as the reason I moved but am I actually running from something? Someone? Can I do that? Does it just go away?
You know sometimes I pretend to actually have a southern accent so strangers think I grew up somewhere in TN. Couldn't tell y'all why but I do.
I like being free and being able to just jump in my car on my day off and go somewhere right then and there. But then sometimes I wish I had my best friend I've known since the 10th grade right there with me. Just someone to make more memories with.
When I figure out what I'm doing, I'll call ya. Til the next new day ♥ ,

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