Sunday, January 1, 2012

One More Year?

What would you do if you knew there was only one more year?

Happy New Year everyone!!!

Now well I most definitely do not believe that the world is going to end with 2012 the theory's have got me thinking. What would I do if I knew I only had one more year? Honestly I don't think I know. Make the most of it I guess. I'd laugh everyday. Pray more than that. Tell him I love him. Kiss someone. Dance without caring again. Put it all on the line. Have more dates with myself. Have a date with someone else. Fly home again. Tell my brothers about Jesus. Go visit Jackson in California. Go to Disneyland.... twice! Run a race. Cheer again. Perform again. Visit every YL camp. Keep my room clean. Pay for someones drink behind me in line. Eat some good food. Just not care. Explore TN. Go to another Bowl game. Watch the Beavs one more time.

When thinking this list the one thing I keep thinking is "why can't I do this now?"
I can. I should. I think I'm going to. Maybe. Hopefully.
Most people think I am so strong and courageous and will do almost anything and I will, exept when it comes to myself. If it means doing anything for me then it's a slim chance I won't. I don't even like giving myself breaks at work. I love planning things for other people though. I just don't have anyone to plan for anymore.
I think that was my favorite part about being in a relationship. Planning surprises for them when they are not expecting it. I love getting people things when it's not their bday or christmas, and I love taking someone somewhere I know will put a smile on their face. I guess I'm just a people person. I loved being able to take care of someone. Cook dinner. Give them a shoulder massage. Surprises in the city. Secret notes. I miss it.
Who says 2012 doesn't have to be like that? Til the next new day ♥ ,

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