Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Tim Riggins & my Roommate

     If you haven't been hooked into the phenomenon that is/was Friday Night Lights (the TV show not the movie) well you should jump on the band wagon real quick like! It combines the drama side of a "i need to see the next episode now" sitcom and my personal obsession with the feel of a friday night high school football game.   Contrary to what some might think I was introduced to this from the guys at SharpTop Cove this summer in Georgia. So guys and girls... get ready to be hooked! The show follows the life of a small town Texas high school football team and it's players, coaches and their friends and families. You have to get it on netflicks or something now though. Anyway point being me and my roommate (and many of both of our friends) are completely hooked and obsessed. Here is the opening of season  1 just to get you started. Coach Taylor. Jason Street. Smash. Matt. Julie. and Tim Riggins. oh yeah. you'll like it.

     Now as I said before me and my roommate love this show. And we are also pretty crafty. Most of our house  consists of things we saw on Pintrest and we both blog and could spend hours in Hobby Lobby and Michaels. We have a wall dedicated to our canvas paintings, my bed is made out of pallets and we have a great surprise idea for our living room. Well out latest craft project was inspired by a favorite friend of ours and we are in love with them! well. just take a look for yourself :)

Clear Eyes Full Hearts Can't Lose
    It was pretty easy to create these mugs. We found some cheap ones we liked and preped them with an All Purpose Sealer. Let that dry for 30 minutes (we used the time to watch another episode of course!). Then we used regular acrylic paint to make what we wanted. (I have the QB1 and CYFHCL ones). After that dried we painted a satin varnish over it to protect the paint and after that dried we baked them at 250 for about an hour to set it. I personally can't wait to get well into season 3,4 and 5 (we are in the middle of 2 right now) and curl up with some home made cider and my FNL mug! So easy! Paint whatever you want!

Til the next new day ♥ ,

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