Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Back on the Water

     Last weekend was our Conway Young Life leadership overnight. We loaded the cars and headed out to our friends family's lake house on Greers Ferry in Arkansas. We talked and planned and dreamed for the year ahead of us and just spent time with each other. At night my self and Leslie jumped in the lake with our clothes on.... twice. I was thankful I decided to change out of my jeans before we came back the second time. 
     Being on the lake the next morning made me miss home. Growing up I never had a house ON the water but one of my best friends did and we spent every chance we could 5 minutes away at the Foss's on Lake Meridian. I am pretty sure her mom ended up missing having us over more than her own daughter being at home when we all went off to college. She told me so ;) 
Also, growing up in the Pacific NW being so close to the sound, having  a dad who absolutely loves to fish and would give anything to have his boat back and then moving to an hour from the Oregon coastline with the Willamette River running through town... the PNW just says "water" and until now I think I have always taken it for granted. 
     My mom use to call me her "water baby" and I still do love being in the water but I think I appreciate it even more now. I know Arkansas is known for all it's great water ways and rivers but.. it just doesn't smell like fish. I miss the coast, even though I would say I am more a lake girl than anything. 
     The silence, the reflection, the sound the water makes as it hits the side of an anchored boat, watching fish jump and hearing sea life. Even the sound of the neighbors fishing reel and bobber hitting the water makes me miss my dad. I even want to go fishing now, can you believe that dad? A kid other than Jordan fishing? Everything the water brings I am absolutely in love with.  
     Last night as Leslie and I were swimming around, we grabbed a couple life jackets and laid on our backs and were amazed at what was above us. I haven't seen that many stars since I left Oregon. It was amazing. Words could not describe. Our other friend even said he saw a shooting star. We missed that one. 
     Days like this make me want to be to give anything to be back on the water again. It's so alive! Isn't that how we are suppose to live? That is how God wants us to live. To LIVE. not just survive. As I was sitting on the boat parked int he dock slip, the mornings reading was Ezekiel 18.  It explains that even if a father commits evil things and sins against himself and his Father that the son is not responsible and that he shall surely live. It says that if a wicked person turns from their ways, repents and follows the Lord and what he says he will no longer die but he shall live. The Lord is saying to Turn & Live. Just like the water is alive, He wants us to be alive as well. I think there is something else to water. It's magnificent really. Everything in this world needs it to live and we use it for times of pleasure as well. We are made up of water and we can take a boat out to the middle and stay there for days. Water is talked about in the bible a lot. Jesus talked about being living water and was able to walk on water. But you can drown in water too. It's all very fascinating really. 
     I don't know where to go from there so I will just leave that for you to think about for a while. But I do know that I will continue to be alive in the water. 

Til the next new day ♥ ,

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