Friday, August 26, 2011

Love a New Life

     Part of me wants to apologize to anyone who actually reads this thing. It was started as a way for my family to be kept up to date on the life of their "JillBean" as she packed her car, took a leap of faith into the Lords hands and drove 2,526 miles across the country to start a new life in Central Arkansas.
     The last couple posts I feel like haven't been all that happy and I only know of 1 friend for sure who reads this and I in turn read hers (we are kind of blog obsessed) but as the things that I have previously talked about weren't all that joyful, that was how I was feeling. However I decided that I am moving forward. In talking to my friend yesterday I started to realize what really matters and how happy I am where my life is now. The things I have learned in the past year have been incredible and the last couple days being back off my internship at SharpTop Cove and back in Conway with my friends and YoungLife College at UCA, I finally feel HOME.

     We had our first College Life event the other night and while it may have been a little rocky, I am excited. I met a lot of kids yesterday and the potential on this campus is unreal. God is truly at work in Conway. I am excited to start college groups and create an atmosphere where college kids can feel like they are coming home. I loved going to girls group last year at the Khulman's house and walking into a warm home with desserts and cider on the stove. Needlesstosay I am going to be stealing ideas and modeling a lot of things off of what I saw happen in Corvallis last year because I know that it works and believe it can touch a lot more people than producing just another "club" at the college level that looks a lot like what the other ministries do already. I can not wait to live out what God has put me here to do with the help of my friends and "family"

     I had a talk with a friend today about how sometimes God strips us of everything we know and everything we thought we knew to start us over and have his way with us. Sometimes we scream out as loud as we can "please! just show me a glimpse of what you are doing! why am I here?!" But remember.... he put his own son up on a cross. The most horrific way for someone to die. Jesus pleaded with his Father and yet there was no way out, but the result was the most beautiful gift anyone has ever seen. One of my good friends had a chance the other night while we were talking on the front porch swing to brag about his family and the inspiration his sister and her family is to him and hearing the excitement in his voice of what his sister was doing with her husband and small child was unbelievable. Dirt poor missionaries who are out not only helping people  but have created a Life and a Home for themselves and their little boy with what they have and who love Jesus like nothing I have ever heard of. You could see it in the way her brother was talking.   

     It's going to hurt and sometimes it just straight up sucks but ya know what? It's our choice day to day of how we can make where we are, what we are doing, not only a life of survival of what we think we need to be doing but a life where we live and thrive in a family with our eternal Father. Life becomes a Home.Surviving becomes Living.

     And I say this to my self but wake up in the morning with the sun and natural light, have a cup of coffee, some good breakfast and spend some time with God. Make your bed, take a shower, put on some clothes you feel good in and a smile. Take Him with you and take on whatever He is giving you that day.


Til the next new day ♥ ,

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