Thursday, August 4, 2011

A Realization in Savannah

     I went into work this morning and all day I felt like people were saying "Hey I feel like I haven't seen you in like awhile!" Well that's because they hadn't, for the last two days I made my way down to GA Hwy 16 all the way to Savannah. This city had more history than I could ever imagine! I like the west side don't get me wrong but we do NOT have the history that this part of the country has. Savannah was amazing. It was just the little vacation I needed at the end of this crazy summer God has given me to be a part of.

     The first part I spent in the city. Historic downtown Savannah has so much to see weather it's by carriage, ship or trolley or walking the streets and poking your head into various shops full of nick-nacks and things we don't need. The main reason (and yes this is my Dork warning) is that Savannah happens to be home to the headquarters and birthplace of the Girl Scouts and Juliette Gordon Low. I have been a scout for 15 years and still going so seeing the birthplace house and going to the city where it all got started has been on my bucket list for a very long time.  It was so cool! At least I thought it was :) I knew a lot of the stories the guide was telling already but I loved seeing her house and her paintings and learning even more. That is one thing I loved about not only Savannah but being in this part of the country is how much history is here and everything that has happened here in our early days. The buildings are miraculous and you can feel the history when you walk into a room or down the cobble roads on River Street. I could have spent an entire weekend just on the river by the way. I loved it and I wish I could have spent more time there.

     I spent the next part of the trip on Tybee Island and got to truly be on the other side of the country. The Atlantic Ocean! It was cool but almost mind blowing because of how different the ocean is. First (and I hope this makes sense) but it was on the other side. In my mind and my internal compass was thrown off a little because of the side the ocean was on and where I was expecting it to be. Also... people were swimming in the ocean, and it was warm. People were just hanging out in the water like you would a pool or a lake. Until now my understanding in going to the beach meant that you probably needed to build a fire, it was going to be cold, really windy, you can wave jump if your ankles don't get frozen off and did I mention that it's cold? It was so cool to just sit on the beach, lay out and be in the water! It wasn't as clear and pretty but hey, it was still the ocean. Gorgeous in itself. But here was the biggest thing for me... on kind of a different note. I was perfectly comfortable laying out on the beach in my swimsuit and just relaxing. I didn't care what anyone else thought and I have also noticed that for the last couple days I had been wearing a lot of dresses and skirts. Do you know how long it has taken me to feel this way? For the first time in a long time I was feeling completely at home, comfortable and beautiful in my own body and skin the way God made me. An old friend of mine use to tell me a lot that he wanted me believe him when he told me I was beautiful. I mean I liked hearing him say it but at the time I NEEDED to hear it to believe it. I needed a second party to confirm what I wanted to know and even then I needed to hear it over and over again because I never really believed it for myself. Now this isn't suppose to start some pity party about how I have a low self esteem, I am merely saying that I realized this weekend that I am beautiful because this is exactly how I was made and looking in the mirror I was actually happy and excited to go out in public because I FELT beautiful. I know that it is true! I can lay on the beach in my swim suit because I like it and I can wear a dress because I want to not because my dad paid me and I can and will line dance down the cobble stone street because that is how happy I feel in the freedom to be me and not worry if anyone is watching.

     It was a realization that I have been waiting for for a while and it kind of snuck up on me to be honest. I know there are times where I am going to wish my hair would corporate or I just can't find anything to wear but :
- I know that this is how God made me,
- I can be confident in my own skin
- and I have every right and every freedom to be me! 
     Oh..,.. if anyone knows where to get a hulu girl for my car, please let me know. I have a disco ball and it needs someone to dance under it...... and because I really like the song Summer's Little Angel and sometimes, I like to think that song is about me :) just joking.... kinda...

Her daddy was a surfer, she grew up on the waves
Her mumma was a waitress, down in "Tiki Daves"
She was born in July, took her first steps in the sand
That's where she found her freeedom,
and that's where it all began

She's got a hula girl dancing on her dashboard
on her ankle there's a string of pukka shells
she leaves a trail of broken hearts along the seashore
she's summers lil angel

She's got freckles on her shoulders, tattooed by the sun
Little white tan lines where her bikini runs
She puts messages in bottles and sends them out to sea
Asking for her true love, thats how she got to me

She's got a hula girl dancing on her dashboard
on her ankle there's a string of pukka shells
she leaves a trail of broken hearts along the seashore
she's summers lil angel

Well summer came and went, just like the perfect wave
But I never will forget how she drove away

With a hula girl.... on her dashboard, I bet right now

She's got a hula girl dancing on her dashboard
on her ankle there's a string of pukka shells
she leaves a trail of broken hearts along the seashore
she's summers lil angel

Summers lil angel
I bet right now...
she's got a hula girl, dancing on her dashboard
summers lil angel

Til the next new day ♥ ,

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