Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sweet Conversation and Great Coffee

     One of the things that I realized that I missed the most from back home was conversation. Good conversation. Sweet conversation. Conversation that lasts for hours and hours around the dinner table and goes from side splitting laughter to serious world topics to God's grace and beauty. And that is an example of God's beauty I think. A great conversation between friends willing to be vulnerable with each other and share life together. Being home this week has blessed me with a number of opportunities with friends to have sweet precious moments like this. I am not saying anything against my friends in AR but I'm still new there and no one knows me like my friends up here do. Their willingness to talk and share life for hours even if it means putting our selves on the line, being humbled and letting people pour into us with everyday issues. We sat and talked for hours and I loved how the conversation just flowed from one topic to the next without missing a beat over a great cup of the NW's best coffee.
     I think that is why people love coffee so much. At least up here. Weather it's a Starbucks or not there is a coffee shop on every street corner and inside you can find tables and comfy chairs full of friends, mentors, first dates, interviews, families and study partners filling their entire morning and afternoon. It's an entire culture up here that I grew up to love. I mean Corvallis even has a coffee shop called Coffee Culture (they do have the BEST white chocolate americanos btw)... One day we woke up, all had a cup of coffee with our quite time, talked some, then decided to "go get coffee" which always means another hour at the minimum of drinking unthinkable amounts of caffeine and talking some more.
     These are the times I miss the most. These are some of my greatest memories with friends. I love listening to people and I love sharing my life with people I love, trust and want to grow a relationship with. So weather you have amazing news, a gut wrenching confession, something funny happened on the way to class that is really only funny if you were there, or just want to talk about the weather.... let's go get some coffee :) Til the next new day ♥ ,

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