Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Adjusting to Home

     First couple days back home have been amazing to say the least. Just being back in Corvallis is a sweet spot in my heart. I have been able to see a couple familiar faces and for now am staying with two of my best friends who I have missed dearly since I have moved and I still have a whole bunch of people to see this weekend! Everyone I know is going to be at the Ranch later this weekend and a couple people have been trying to convince me to go out there but with the wedding on Friday night I have no idea how I would get there unless I can borrow a car or something just for Saturday. It's the OR/SW Washington Regional Leadership weekend and one of my favorite weekends out of the entire year. I am trying to not let my self get super worked up about it because chances are, even if I tried to just go visit people for the day it proabaly isn't super realistic.
     Being back on the west coast has stirred up some new thoughts in me though. Part of me wished I was a clone becuase I do love Arkansas and the south but I LOVE the PNW. It's something about coming home. "Mama said home is where the heart is".... right?
     It does something to you.
     I went for a run along the river this morning and the early morning in Oregon when the sun hasn't broken through yet is something wonderful. An outsider would say it's just gray and gloomy but the cold pacific breaze and the sound of the Willamette flowing by watching the Blue Herons swoop down to the river shore is something else. The gray isn't sad right now. It's calming really. It's refreshing. It's home.
     Part of me thinks that I will end up back here someday after the work that God is doing through me in Conway is done but if that move ever happens I feel like a couple years down the road I will want to move back. Am I just going to be a wandering nomad of a soul forever? I want to be everywhere and know everyone and do everything but I can't. I'm different now too. I seeing old friends have made me realize that there is still a great place in my heart for who I was and having them in my life but people change over time and it's not really good or bad it just happens.
     I like traveling and living somewhere wierd gives me the chance to do that for occasions like this. Seriously though airports are probably the greatest people watching area ever! I like being able to COME HOME.
     I get to see more friends today and tomorrow... I get to go dancing again for the first time since March! (ok I went once in Nashville over the summer but I was by myself and didn't get to swing or two step so it didn't count). I am so excited to see people that know me. Know my heart and being here the last couple days with Kel and Shan has been such a blessing.

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