Tuesday, May 10, 2011

First 2 Weeks

So the first couple weeks at SharpTop, I'm not gonna lie, have been a little tough. But as I get more and more into my job and into the camp I am starting to feel more and more at home. So here is a rundown of the first two weeks having Georgia on my mind:

      I arrived the weekend before Easter. Anne said I could wait till Monday because everyone was   going  to be gone but it was ok. I figured, I live in a college town in Arkansas, everyone is going to be gone there too. I got in semi late that night, it's about 9-10 hours from Conway to STC. I thought I was going to take I-40 through Tennessee but my GPS took me a very strange way that put me from AR to TN to MS to AL to GA back to TN back to GA back to TN and finally into GA and down to SharpTop Cove. let's just say i'm never doing that again. 

     I was glad I came for Easter though. I worked one day and then we had the weekend off so I got to hang out with the interns who stayed for the holiday and then we went to the Korpita's for dinner and I got to met some more of the property staff there. These people are awesome, and they are so fascinated with the fact that I had never had Chick Fil A or sweet tea.... well mainly Chad. it was a good weekend to move in. 
The Wheelhouse Club Room.
My favorite building on property.
     The next two weeks were a lot of jumping right into my job! I got an office, for now, and a name tag, for good! lol it makes me feel official. Just getting more comfortable with the phones and answering questions and where things are on the computer and not having to forward every phone call on to Anne because I actually know what I'm doing now has made things get smoother and easier. I got to help with turnover twice which I really loved. Not because I like to clean things, despite what you may think but because I got to hang out with the other year long interns. I have really liked getting to know them and bonding with all of them has been awesome.
      We had our summer planning meeting this morning and we got a taste of what summer is actually going to look like. Ya know, I don't think it's going to be that bad as I thought. Tuesday is my day off, I think I'll get off in time Wednesday to watch tableau or at least part of that night, and my hours the other days aren't so bad. Plus I get to interact a lot with the head leaders and the rest of the assignment team which I am actually pretty excited about. I like details, and I like being able to help. I'm a helper it's what I do. And now that I actually know what I'm doing around the office I feel a lot more confident being one of the main go to people in the office and around camp. We've had a couple camps in the last couple weeks so it's kinda been a small dry run before summer hits. All the yearlongs are on their summer rotations, and Jenna's here! She's another summer, she'll be on the waterfront. Plus the other summer interns are only days away! Some, well one (Brett on ropes), will come on Thursday for training for Certified Operators and then the rest come 2 days later! Plus after that we have work week then helllloooo summer! I'm excited :)
The Office where I work
     So right now my job consists of the Adult Guest Program, Work Crew, a little help with summer staff and office duties including answering the phones and responding to emails and making 200 copies of the camp map. I really do like it though. I love the people I see in the office all the time, although I sometimes forget to hang out with the other interns but I'm sure once summer hits that it'll all work it self out. I mean hanging out with the interns is kinda written into my schedule, haha. I am excited to get to know everyone though. I have loved living with the girls and some of the summer interns have started talking to each other and I feel like I already know them! All I'm sayin is as much as I miss the Ranch and it will always be my home, and I'm excited for things to happen in Conway with Younglife at UCA.....
It's gonna be a good summer at SharpTop :)

Til the next new day ♥ ,

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