Sunday, May 15, 2011

Starting to feel like home

Work week is here at SharpTop cove and i can gonestly say that that weekend and today it's really started to sink in that this is my HOME for the next couple months. Yes the Washington Family Ranch : Creekside opened up thia weekend and as much as it killed me to mot be there, STC is my home now and I love it! I am surrounded by the beautiful Georgia hills and one of the greatest families I could ask for! I have 3 brothers and have gotten very use to living with guys and being frienss with guys but now I have 10 sisters living in the same house with me! I never thought i would ever be excited tk live in a house with 10 other girls but I am!!! This is my family under the Father. These are the sisters he has given me to share life with. We've only all known each other for a couple days but already it feels like community. I love my sisters <3 [jenna, erin, camille, anne spencer, lee ann, dani, octavia, clark, maggie and jess]

With work week being here I also get to see the Conway folks who have come to volunteer. Just seeing them again has reminded me that even when I move back to the Ark, I have a family waiting there for me as well. It was so good to see all of them roll up and eat dinner with them, sit in club next to them and just know that they are here for the next week and I get to see them when I get back to Arkansas in the fall.

When God wanta you somewhere, He's going to take care of you and one of the ways she does that is community. We are called to live with each other in His family as the body of Christ. Just like Jesus told Nathaniel, "i saw you in the fig tree".... I saw you in before you came out, while you were trying to hide from me. He not only saw us but knew us. He knows what we need and we need each other.

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