Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Week 1 [6 buses and a wobble]

     So I know that I have been here for a little over a month now, almost 2 really but this isn't talking about the first week I am here. Ladies and Gentlemen, SharpTop Cove has just completed Week 1 of our 10 week Younglife summer session! I can say now that after I have the first week under my belt I feel a lot more confident in what to expect and what is going on in my job and just how a different camp runs things. The beginning of the week was stressful. I can honestly say that I didn't want to be here. I felt overwhelmed, lonely and homesick more than I ever have before. Not to mention that the night before campers came in I had a dream that there was a crash on the driveway. Every day 1 I am the air traffic controller responsible for turning our driveway into a one way road to navigate buses in and out of camp on a two mile long drive way with about thirty seven or so twists and turns and ups and downs and timing it just right so that each area and each camper feels like they were the first and only one to ever enter SharpTop Cove. Miraculously my head leaders are amazing and they did every thing in their power to keep me calm and walk me through how this was going to look like and they were all a good portion of comic relief but patient and kind in wanting the same goal of getting these kids into camp but also in a way that I would still walk out of here with my sanity. No body crashed though and everyone got in.
     Watching this first group of kids come in was amazing. This is why I do younglife. I defiantly have always loved being on a property but I can tell in myself that I was meant for the field. I cry during the camp video when I see these kids smiling and laughing and having the best week of their life and understanding the reasons behind why we sing Miley Cyrus in club and why we do things like Pool Olympics starts in the field. I would love to be on an assignment every summer from now til the day I die, but ultimately I think right now at least I know God is calling me to the field. I have realized something though being on a property that is in a city..... a few of the staff here are all leaders in Pickins County. You can do both! So, ya know that is an option too.
      As for the rest of week 1 we taught Drew Holcomb and the program team how to wobble with the help of the Earle's Girls. This dance has kind of become an anthem for the session at least, we'll see what happens next session. If you want, which you should, the video of the wobble night is on my facebook. It's hilarious!  Ellie is one of the funniest people I have  met and a great role model for a ton of girls that come through SharpTop. I had never heard of them before this assignment but I can honestly say that I love both of them as people and friends and am completely in love with their music. I have loved getting to know them this week and looking forward to interacting with them more as the session goes on, we will all miss them when this is over.

     Being able to go to club has been awesome, listening to James Rockwell go through the club talks that I have heard a bazillion times before is a great reminder as to why I am involved in this ministry. It's going "back to the basics" so to speak. ... and yes I have a goal to read that book before summer ends.

     All in all, now that I have Week 1 out of 10 under my belt, I am starting to feel more confident and at home not only in my job and at SharpTop. Don't get me wrong I still miss the PNW and the Washington Family Ranch but I am excited for my friends who are up there this summer and I am even more excited for the summer that I am going to have here! I am surrounded my a great community and an even greater group of sisters that I am just now starting to realize. I would do anything for these girls and despite all the creatures that we have found (a mice, a bazillion little moths, a few hundred teradactyl size months, a couple frogs and toads, two spiders the size of a sandal, a baby scorpion, oh yeah and evil mr. rattlesnake that was right out side our door that we had Mike come kill before anyone would go outside) South Fork is a pretty great place to live with all of them :)

I was hollow and closed, in the morning i could not see.
 Your beloved goodness rained itself out on me. 
I raged against You like a river on a stone. 
But against that tidal wave, i am overthrown.

Mercy, Mercy, 

Mercy, Mercy.

well i was tossed in the wealthy and leaning on myself.

I played that religion card; i put Jesus on a shelf. 
Born into darkness i kept putting off the grave. 
So yeah, thinking my own goodness could get me through heaven's gates.

Mercy, Mercy
Mercy, Mercy

I beg You to come and take away all my ancient fears. 

This bloodied history we all cling onto so dear. 
All around me was a blinded fantasy.
The truth in the mirror of a foul vanity.

Mercy, Mercy
Mercy, Mercy

You walk upon heaven, You walked upon the earth.

You brought me my salvation; for me, a second birth. 
You took my broken cross up to cavalry. 
You sang my redemption song, well hang it on my tree

Mercy, Mercy
Mercy, Mercy

Til the next new day ♥ ,

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