Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Lady pAinting...

...ok I know it was really cheesy but. I love painting. Recently it's been a lot of bible versus or song lyrics but either way when I feel the need to paint, I do!
My latest two are are lady Antebellum inspired and here they are!!!
The first song is off their new album (Own the Night) and it's called "Singing Me Home." My roommate and I are planning to try and see them when they come to Missouri. Drive up early, hang out in Branson, so to the show in Springfield and drive home! Totally do able right?! Anyway, the second one is one of my all time favorite Lady A songs, "American Honey." I have one more Lady A painting that I did to "Hello World" which gives me chills every time but I don't have a picture of it.
I could (and frequently do) listen to them on repeat all day. From the itunes session to Own the Night and even hidden songs I've found like "Emily," "I Was Here," and of course their "alter ego" Lady Haze! Anyway, that's my rant of my obsession for Lady A and hopefully I'll be able to see them soon!!!!!

 and for your listening pleasure.....

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