Sunday, June 10, 2012

For Claire B! :

     So I am suppose to be finishing a paper that's due tomorrow, and I'm almost done I promise!! But I decided to take a quick "break." While on said "break" what else am I going to do but do a little Facebook creapin'  ;) ... There is a girl that I remember meeting sometime last winter/fall. I was without car at the time and one of my dear friends was picking both of us up for Young Life College Oregon State's girls group one cold Tuesday Corvallis night. I didn't know much, or anything about her really other than our ride was a mutual friend. I remember being a little thrown off guard at first. She has an awesome loud personality, not afraid to speak her mind, and I remember her and Kelley having a conversation about a boy she may or may not should be talking to at the moment on the way to the Khulman's house. She was a wild one. Or at least that's what I got out of her. We had a couple more of those car rides and got to know each other a little but never super great friends before I left for Arkansas a couple months later. I remember Kelley being worried about her at times and I loved hearing her share a "snapshot" (click- click ;) ) of her life at girls group and wondering really where on earth Kelley found this girl (granted this was before I really knew anything about YLC or what it even meant to what Kelley was doing that year). Well like I said this girl and I never became super close but close enough to be friends on facebook.... this is where the fun starts (for me anyway!)

     Over the last year (with the help of modern day technology) I have been able to keep up on what my friends are doing and how their lives in Corvallis are moving on without me. One of my favorite things of all time is watching people grow. But getting to watch this girl grow has been one of the most beautiful things of my entire year. Again I didn't really know her that well but knowing the house, the friends, the community that is surrounding her now is so much evidence of where and how God is working in her life. The transformation from the girl we were starting to get to know to now is incredible! You can tell in her smile through pictures that this year in Corvallis is one she will never forget and how prevalent the Holy Spirit is in her and affecting everyone and everything around her. Heck I was 3,000 miles away and I felt it!! Having the privilege of knowing the community in Corvallis that she has emersed herself in makes me that much happier for her. The group of college students in that town is unlike anything I have ever seen. The friends she has now, living in the Courtyard, weekends at WFR, being a part of Young Life, going to family dinners, just living in Corvallis, is a group that will always be there for her no matter what. When I found out that she was going to be a summer intern at WFR- Creekside, I'm not sure why but I was almost brought to tears! Good tears I assure your! Her heart and her passion for living life the way God intended it to be in unreal and I could not be more excited for you Claire! :) Have a great summer!

Til the next new day ;)

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