Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Home in the Morning

Well in the morning I will be jumping on a plane back home to Arkansas. I was able to spend the Christmas weekend in Seattle with my family and it was much needed but has been making me think a lot too.
I like where I am and I am all about spreading your wings and trying something new but I miss being around the people who know me the best and the streets and towns that made me who I am now. Sometimes it worries me of how much curiosity I have because there are so many things that I want to do but I know that I also hold the desire to become a wife and mother and what I want to do with my house and family. Most girls day dream about this by the way. But I like going to movies by myself, I like going to dinner by myself. I know I am young and I know I have time but who knows what God has for me right now. It's hard to plan out the next couple years knowing commitments you already have, dreams you've had forever, things you just want to do, things you can only do when you're single, things you can only do when your married, as well as knowing that at any moment God could throw a curve ball at you and say "oh btw do this too."
Everyone keeps asking, "how long are you down there?" "when are you coming back?" "what exactly are you  doing down there?" "why did you move to Arkansas?" I feel like there are so many different answers to these questions but the truth is, I honestly don't know. This is where God told me to go and I'm going to stay here until He tells me to do something else.
I am not one for living in regret and knowing now that God is always on my side and that I need to abide in Him and also somewhat being brainwashed from an early age with the Disney juice, I get curious, I have a wild imagination and dreams and I know that I am strong enough with the Lord to pursue my dreams.
I have determined that if I could just clone myself my problems will be solved but since I can't I guess prayer, courage to ask and go and listening to where He decides to take me next is the next best thing.
But for now, I have had an awesome couple days spending time with my family, hanging out with my brothers, becoming better friends with my mom, dancing with my friends, and being back where I came from.
Tomorrow morning I head back to the airport for another trip across the country back home to central Arkansas. And no matter what anyone says, I like Arkansas and before you call me a redneck and knock it down again, come visit me! ... then we'll talk.

Til the next new day....

.... for kicks, here are things I want to do in the near distant future....
- go bungee jumping
- work for disney
- go on a disney adventure
- take another trip by myself
- do another single internship at a YL camp
- explore all of TN (road trip across the state)
- go to a rockin new years party in the city
- do the married internship at the Canyon (WFR)
- road trip to Dallas/ FW and go dancing
- drive across the country again
- compete in dance
- coach high school cheer
- be on staff with YL
- work for disney/ disney imagination/ disney adventures
- visit uncle Keith in Austin
- I want to be single
- I want to be in a relationship
- I want to be married
- I want to be single Til the next new day ♥ ,

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