Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Never. Forever.

     I came across this picture today by route of an old friend of mine and I must say, regardless of how I found it, I like it. This is me at Young Life's Washington Family Ranch in March of 2009. I was a completely different person then and while it seems like ancient days far away, it really wasn't that long ago. I was with different people, in a different state, I had an entirely different view for my life then.... I mean, I didn't even know how to line dance then! Even where I was is different. That sign that says "Wildhorse Canyon" no longer exists, and neither does that name. There is a whole second camp on that property now and new attractions have been added to this one. 
     It's crazy really, how much you change and how much God changes you and the world around you in such a short amount of time. If you were to tell me the day that picture was taken that in exactly 2 years to the month that I was going to be taking everything I knew and moving it two time zones away, there's no way I would believe you. Never. 
     But the reality is I wouldn't change anything that has happened. There are some people that if I saw now, I don't know if they would even recognize me. I'm more confident in my self, I love how I feel, I like how I look, I love what I'm doing, my hair is longer, my smiles wider and yes y'all.... I may have even developed a little bit of a drawl. :) 
     Even with how things change over time and the development that happens there are somethings that just don't change. That picture is over two years old but I can tell you what I was feeling and thinking that very moment. It's hard to put it into words when I stand right where I am standing there. On that property, under that sign. It's been forever since I've been in that spot but I can tell you there is nothing like it. We all have those places, songs, smells, something that will transport you back to a place you never want to leave and never will. No matter what changes around you, no matter if God takes you to the other side of the country there is still that place, that feeling, that will always be the same. Forever.

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  1. I love who you are, and I am proud of you for trying new things, but I do miss ya!