Sunday, December 18, 2011

'Tis the season I guess!

My roommate told me today that she thinks there is something in the water around the NW because it seems like everyday I turn on my computer or get another phone call where all she hears is "seriously?!!" and she knows... Another one got engaged. And it's true! And I love them all so here's to you! All of you! And congratulations to my wonderful friends. I am so excited for all your lives together!

Katia & Josh
Kari & Chris
Bryan & Geneva
Rachel & Stephen (aka Nizz & Steeze)
Adriana & Ryan
Laura & Brett
Brett & Autum (technically not in the NW but.. Still engaged!)
Kelsey & Darrick
Annalise & Thanh
Bucca & Lindsay
Kelsey & Carter

Congratulations y'all!!

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