Monday, April 30, 2012

Late Night Early Morning SUAH

So it's currently 330 in the morning and I am laying in a fort built by Josh and Evan in our living room as Evan and Jordan are asleep on either side of me. Josh is attempting to study at the table for his final at eight in the morning.
Words can not describe how much I love these three friends of mine. Don't get me wrong, I am so blessed to have the entire community I have in Arkansas and every one of them is a reason why I have thought of the possibility of planting roots down here but there is something that happened with the four of us that will hold us together for quite some time.
We call it SUAH. It stands for Super Ultimate Adventure Hoodrats. We don't really know how it happened but it did. We like to go on adventures and for some reason it always ends up being the 4 of us. So we made a club. 'Cause we're cool. We're not trying to leave anyone out, if you ever want to come on an adventure with us, you are more than welcome to. It just happens. Usually spontaneously.
These adventures have bonded us though. Bonded us in conversation, bonded us in adventure and bonded us in friendship. We are sisters and brothers in Christ and I believe that is a huge component to us being such great friends. It's completely normal to find one of the boys asleep on our living room floor at 3 in the morning.
I know the rest of this is going to sound super sappy but right now I would consider these three my best friends. Friends who shoot guns together stay together right?

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