Saturday, January 29, 2011

Just a Quickie

I was in Dutch Bros today and it occured to me that A) I couldn't remember the last time I actually ORDERED coffee from there and B) the guy behind the counter had no idea who I was. I am not trying to sound conceded by any means but for those of you who don't know about the last 3 years of my life, while dating Brendon I spent a good majority of my life there. I created the menu board that is currently up, I knew every person who worked there and could probably tell you a good portion of the morning regulars drink orders.... and just in a few months POOF! all of that is gone. It amazes me how fast life moves sometimes, how fast God can turn a corner with where he is having us go. My life is completely different. I am a completely different person and the person that I spent 3 years investing in and sharing life with has no idea. Crazy. I'm not gonna lie though, it was kinda nice just being another regular customer. I was talking to the barista for a little bit and he told me that I should come in more often. I just smiled and laughed (he has no idea that it is incredibly strange for me to be there now) and all I said was "we'll see."

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