Friday, January 28, 2011

Play me some Mountain Music!

I don't think I will ever be able to escape the glory that is country music. But GOOD country music like the old school stuff I grew up on (Alabama, Garth, and do I even need to mention Brooks & Dunn?), none of this rascal  swiftness pop cross genre crap... ok don't get me wrong, on the occasion I do love a little Rascal Flatts and even T-sweezy but sorry ya'll they will never compare.
I don't even know where this whole country dance craze came from in our little town of Corvallis but it's pretty amazing. Never in my life did I think that my college experience was going to involve learning how to Texas two-step and that a "Horseshoe" was more than a game you played at a family picnic. And who knew I'd be so into it! Ok well that's not a complete shocker that I would love dancing, cause I haven't been doing that all my life or anything! But now that I know what I am doing and am constantly learning more and more moves, thanks to ONE of my lovely dance partners Bradley who I feel like is always coming to class with a new swing move for use to try, I have people asking me to teach them! Not gonna lie, I kinda like it :) I love teaching people and I love seeing people succeed and it kinda boosts my ego a little bit too, which who couldn't use that from time to time right?! haha I keep telling people that Oregon is the "south of the west" and no one seems to believe me but head to Eagles in Albany on a Thursday night or up to Bushwackers and you'll see what I mean. It's such a thrill and a work out too! As the girl or "follow," we get the privilege of being swung and thrown and flipped and spun and I would be lying if I said I didn't absolutely love every minute of every dance. I love dancing, and I love being spun around. It makes me feel pretty, haha is that weird? It just makes me feel graceful and beautiful when a guy can spin you and hold you on the dance floor. You can tell a lot about a guy by how he holds you on the dance floor. It's true! Tricks are my favorite though. I think that's why I pole vaulted in high school, I just love flying and I am fearless! After cheering competitively for Kim Kawachi, you get use to being dropped and having bodies fall on top of you and not crying about it. She always told us "If the football boys can do it then so can you!" I kinda like that though, I like being tough, makes learning tricks a whole lot easier when you're not afraid to literally fall flat on your face.

So I am currently reading "Crazy Love" by Francis Chan, (I feel like a lot of people are reading this right now but oh well).... Right now in the book he want's us to read the gospels straight through, and get what God intended us to get out of them. So tonight is Matthew, which if you read the post before this you'll know that part of that book has already speaking heavy on my heart.
I was talking to a friend tonight that is just more reassurance of where I am suppose to be going right now and what I am suppose to be doing. I have a couple phone calls and meetings tomorrow but I really wish I could tell you guys and make this public knowledge. I know that there are a couple people who know bits and pieces to this story but until I am ready to make it public I would ask that those of you can hold on talking about it at all. But until then I would ask that ya'll be praying for me and specifically for finances. I am ready to make this move but I can't physically do anything about it until I figure how to make it work financially. And I know God has it under control but I just ask that you be praying that He is taking care of this and that it will be able to happen financially.

~ ~
play me some mountain music
like grandma and grandpa use to play
then i'll float on down the river
to a cajun hide-a-way

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  1. Haha it has been quite the term. At the start of fall term I would have never guessed what it turned into. It's been fun kinda being the ringleader partners with ya, and I feel like you teach me waaay more than I teach you. And also sorry for not being into the flips... I'm just more traditional in my moves haha. Quality post.