Friday, February 11, 2011

If You Want to Walk on Water... [The reveal]

Alright guys so here it goes......

in about 2 months, I am moving across the country. An opportunity has come up for me to move to central Arkansas and help start college YL at the University of Central Arkansas and lead at the high school as well. I met a high school girl while I was there a while ago that I have been talking to and am absolutely drawn to. I love everything about this girl. I'm not worried about YL here and the state Corvallis is in. I love my girls and a lot of them are graduating soon and there are 3 of us walking with them. I know I need to be a builder somewhere else bigger than myself.
      That's it, that's the big secret. No I'm not running away from someone, No I'm not following someone else, the only person that I am following is God and the call that he has put on my heart. This may have the opportunity to turn into a staff position but right now I am not pushing that, just letting it happen if it falls into place. So many doors have been opening in figuring out this process and I am in contact with people down there and my amazing area director has been so supportive in everything and is helping me with this process. Right now the verdict is that i'm moving and so far everything is giving the reason that I can't NOT go. Don't worry, i know I've always been the adventurous type but this ya'll scares me out of my mind! MOVING! I"M MOVING!!!  I was reading my devotional  today and it's talking about keeping our focus on Christ in everything. There is an exert out of John Ortberg's book If You Want to Walk on Water, You've Got to Get Out of the Boat that sums up everything I am feeling very well. He is talking about what Peter was thinking when he first stepped out on the water and is walking toward Jesus....

     "At any rate, for however long it lasted, Peter walked on the water. Then we are told three things happened. The focus of his attention shifted from jesus to the storm - he saw the wind. This shift in attention gave rise to a new set of thoughts and feelings that focused on panic and inadequacy: 'He became frightened. This in turn disrupted his ability to continue walking in Jesus' power - he began to sink and cried out, 'Lord, save me!' ...

Matthew seems to want us to understand something clearly. While Peter's mind was focused on Jesus, he was empowered to walk on the water. But when his focus was on the storm, his fear short-circuited his ability to receive God's sustaining power. 

Hope got Peter out of the boat. 
Trust held him up.
Fear sank him. \
Everything hinged on whether he was focused on the Savior or on the storm."

Everything about this scares me but what Ortberg talks about is perfect. When we are called out on the water, out of our comfort zone, to do something that is bigger than our selves it's scary but as long as we are focusing on one thing, and that one thing is Jesus Christ. Ya'll so many doors, school (my entire major is online, I have 2 terms left and no matter where I am I can finish online and graduate from Oregon State and get this.... it's cheaper!), job, financially... have started to open it's ridiculous. At this point I am going to start moving forward and if God really doesn't want me there, I believe that this is where he is going to start closing doors. I just ask that you are all praying for me and behind what I am doing and don't worry distance doesn't mean anything. I fully believe that the people that are going to be in your life regardless of where you are. Yeah for technology! So that's the big secret! I'm moving! (well as of now) .. I just really wanted to tell a couple more people before I made it public knowledge. But I all I know is that if I want to walk on water, I have GOT to be willing to get out of the boat.

Oh and as for Sharp Top, I got a call from them this morning saying that they are going to make their decision on monday so, i'll keep ya posted!

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