Sunday, October 16, 2011

Easy Like Sunday Morning

     This is probably one of the best mornings I have had in a long time. I woke up naturally pretty early to the sound of the fountain, birds and my homemade wind chime outside my window while the sun rose across the Arkansas sky and started to reflect off the trees that have slowly started to change color. Even though it's the middle of October, here in the Ozarks it's still pretty hot. I was talking to my step mom this morning and she was saying that when she lived in this part of the country they would have thanksgivings and even some Christmas's that were still pretty warm. I am not sure how I feel about that for all I want to do is wear my boots, jeans and a big sweater with cider boiling on the stove.
     See, I am use to being cold. All the time. And while I miss it, I know that I can't live in what I use to be. I have fears and doubts about being here sometimes but I do love it. I love the south and my girls and my friends and my job and why God brought me here but for now all I know I can do is love what is outside my window. This morning was so peaceful. It was one of those mornings where all I wanted to do was run outside with a cup of coffee and sit on a rocking chair on the front porch. Problem being is that I don't have a rocking chair and am debating using my piggy bank as a rocking chair fund. I want the ones from Cracker Barrel. The old southern home style chairs that you can sit in for hours with a cup of coffee or a jar of sweet tea. There is just something about those chairs that draw you in and make ya wanna stay for a while.
     In a little bit I will be heading to church and then crafting all day til I go to FAD with one of my YL girls and YL leadership after that. This is the first real "day off" I feel like I have had in a long time. Monday's are a day off from brewin' the good stuff at Sbux but they are our Young Life day. Nothing about that is bad, it's just a lot and not a "day off." Last Sunday I covered a shift at the Maumelle Sbux and while I was so thankful for another shift to make some extra money. I am so thankful for today and easy mornings like this.
     This Sunday is a day of rest. This Sunday is easy and relaxing and a day to worship and enjoy God in all His glory. I wish every morning could be an easy Sunday morning.

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  1. I wish every day could be that easy, too! Even when I have an empty day on my cal it always manages to fill up and then I don't have any time to rest! Ugh!