Sunday, October 2, 2011

Now or Later: A Seattle Family

     Most people think that I am originally from Oregon, and while I do love that state with everything that I have, I am a pure blood Washingtonian. (and just for clarification, because I get this question a lot.... it's Washington STATE, not D.C.) When I was home I was able to head back to the greater Seattle area in order to see my family. This is where I feel like I can really claim being able to say that I'm "from Seattle" because a lot all of my dad's side of the family technically lives in the Seattle city limits. Some right out side but around Lake Washington is good enough for me! Needlesstosay, when I am home I am in the city more than one may think. This side of the family is where I get my loudness and sass from too... well that and my mom's youngest sister... if you knew her you would understand (I love you Aunt Heidi! :) )

Me, my cousin and her brother
at her graduation
      It started with an awesome surprise for my cousin and grandma, and a fun game for me and my aunt. My cousin is getting married in June and I came with her mom to surprise her at one of her wedding dress shopping appointments! It was so fun and I got to see her and my aunt and uncle. I get to be a bridesmaid in her wedding too! We are the only two girls on that side of the family, and we are the oldest in front of 6 other boy cousins so it was really special to get to see her and I am so looking forward to spending that day with her and her fiance! It's about time they did this anyway! jk.... but seriously. It was so good to be able to see them and spend time with her and my aunt and my grandma. I got to spend the night at my grandma's house (Mimi) that night which was a great treat. I haven't seen her since I left and she has always helped me out in a lot of ways in my adventures in growing up. When we were little it was "Mimi's Day Care" for all the grand kids while our parents were at work. Special times :) 

     My dad and brothers came up a little while ago to finish her kitchen. This was a project that was started before my grandpa (Papa) died. It looks so good now! We even made tater tot casserole in her new kitchen! That btw is one of my favorite dishes in the winter time. It's cheap, easy, fills you up, keeps you warm and always reminds me of home. :) 

Jonas' Soccer Game
     The next day I was lucky enough to meet up with more family and watched my cousins soccer game in Seattle. My other aunt cracks me up. My dad has 4 brothers and sisters and all of them are pretty much something else. But I love them all. It was fun watching my cousin play though. Both him and his brother are getting so big! I mean granted they are 14 (i think) and 11 but for some reason I will always picture both of them like they were when they were 7. In my mind they are my LITTLE cousins but trust me... they are not so little any more! Somewhere in the mix of that I got my Mimi and my aunt hooked on White Mocha Americano's from Starbucks as well. They call me to tell me when they get one :)

     I love my family. Growing up everyone is annoyed with their family and get really embarrassed and at one point in time I did to. It was kind of funny watching my cousin who is a freshman in high school this year because he is totally at that stage. Everything is embarrassing and  he is too cool for school. But getting older I have learned and appreciated embracing the fact that my family is a huge factor in who I am and why. When my Papa died it killed me because it was in April and only a couple weeks before that I had just gotten back from a 11 day trip to the United Kingdom with Girl Scouts. He and my Mimi wanted to see pictures and hear about it and I kept putting off going to their house and always said, "I'll tell you later." Later never came. Now I have to wait til I see him in heaven before I can tell Papa about London. I don't want to wait that long gain. Your family loves you. Take time for them. Even if you're in high school and everything is embarrassing because I guarantee that when you are sitting in class with 400 other kids who are just as lost as you are and you are no longer anything to your professor than a 9 digit number..... you're going to wish "later" was now.
My Papa <3 

Til the next new day ♥ ,

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