Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Unexpected day off

   I called yesterday to see when I was suppose to go into work this morning and they told me that I was off today. 3 days off in a row? Worries me a little really but all I can do is find the joy in having another day off to relax and not drive to Little Rock again this week. I'll do that tomorrow.
     So what should I do with this unexpected day off?
     I have pancakes with my YL girls this morning.
     I will be at the high school later today during their lunch to pick up their Polar Bear Wknd deposits and forms.
     I am meeting with Heather later tonight.
     But what can I do with today?
     I can go puddle jumping. Antique shopping. Homework awaits (that's probably what I should do). Listen to a podcast. I could get a headlight for my car. I could write a book. I could read a book. I could finish my painting. I could start a new one. I could send a painting to a friend. I could read my bible all day. I could watch a movie. I could go to a movie (Footloose is out btw!). I could clean our club room. I could line dance in the club room. I could do Zumba in the club room. I could change the light bulb in our living room. I could run errands. I could learn to sing. I could watch CMT all day. I could learn to play the piano. I could get a piano.
     The point is this day was unexpected but I can either choose to worry about not getting my work hours today or trust with all I have in the Lord and find what He wants me to do with it. There is something I am suppose to do today. Someone I'm suppose to meet. But if I sit here and worry about why I have another day off I am never going find out.
     Good Morning God
     This is Your day
     I am Your child
     Show me Your way

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