Wednesday, March 30, 2011

50 miles South

Me, Heath & Neil freshman year
..... ok so i've made it to Eugene. haha yeah yeah I know it's not that far away at all and I'll get to Conway later than I wanted to but here is the story. So I realized that I have a whole other group of people in Duck Country that I need to see one last time and say goodbye to so down highway 99 I went.
      It's been good though, I crashed on Neil and Heath's couch and I must say these two are awesome. I met both of them freshman year and have still stayed in touch with both of them even while I've been in Corvallis and Neil even studied abroad in China last term! Both of them are like brothers to me (especially Neil, sophomore year we got his residents to believe that we were siblings for real haha) and I will miss both of them so much! Every time we get together it's an adventure... literally. One night we went down into the steam tunnels under the UO campus and then I spilt hot chocolate all over Neil but... that's a story for another time haha.
Me and Kelsey on Summer Staff '08
     I got to see Kelsey too :) Man do I love this girl! She was one of the first people I met down here while I was getting plugged into Eugene Younglife and have been so blessed to still run into her at the Ranch or while we are in each others opposing cities. We went to Agate Alley and talked forever and spent another hour in the car talking while we said "goodbye" about ten thousand times. So grateful to have her in my life! why am I still here? Well currently I am waiting for my refund from OSU to be deposited into my account because while I have direct deposit I don't want to get to far away from home until it's in. Part of me is still waiting for something to go wrong, like this isn't really going to happen. It feels like I am just visiting the Eug like normal and then I am going to turn around and head back to Corvallis. I know that's not going to happen but I don't know, maybe I'm just getting scared. I know this is what I need to do and I know that this is where God is calling me but it's scary. I think the last time I drove past Eugene on I-5 was to go to the Graves wedding in Chico, CA with Brendon. I need to do this. Please be praying for my strength and courage to stay strong and safety on the road and also for everything to be deposited tomorrow and go as God is planning. I know it's not going to be smooth sailing but really need it.

Til the next new day ♥ ,

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